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 Air Conditioning and Repair Services

During summer, when temperatures start busting, and unbearable humidity makes you feel exhausted, air conditioning is a must. Meanwhile, it is essential to understand that during summer, air conditioners (AC) work hard to keep you cool and comfortable.

HVAC technician providing air conditioning services to an existing unit.

While it works hard to keep you cool, the unit might incur some damage because of it’s taxing workload. Due to this reason, air conditioning services, like chemical cleaning services, and regular maintenance services, are essential. Compressor issues, refrigerant leaks, and fan problems are also common summer air conditioner problems. 

Air conditioning repair services will fix those issues and keep your unit running properly. Here are the few tips that will help you maximize your AC efficiency, save energy, lower the bills, and, most importantly, increase your comfort. 

  1. Get Professional Air Conditioning Services

If your AC goes without a professional air conditioning service, then it will lose its efficiency. After a few years like this, your 21 SEER AC might function like a 16 SEER unit. When your AC loses its effectiveness, you won’t get the desired cooling. 

The only way to fix this issue is to call a licensed HVAC technician who offers heating and cooling repair services. A service expert ensures that refrigerants aren’t leaking, coils are clean, fans are blowing properly, and voltages are running precisely. If your unit needs any AC repair, then the technician will do that. This way, a service expert will help you sustain the AC’s efficiency and keep it functioning correctly. 

  1. Keep Your Air Conditioner in the Shade

Experts who offer air conditioning service always recommend their clients to keep their AC in the shade. Studies show that proper shading makes an AC run more efficiently since a shaded space is cooler than the surrounding. So, when you keep the AC in the shade, you make its job of cooling the in-house air easier.

Meanwhile, it is also important to understand that the condenser coil of an AC is responsible for dissipating the warm air. When you keep the unit in the shade, the condenser coil will work more efficiently, and thus keep the air cooler. So, apart from availing regular air conditioning repair services, you also need to keep the unit in the shade to maximize its efficiency. 

  1. Schedule Your Thermostat and Don’t Let It Take the Heat

It would help if you took some time daily to adjust your thermostat so that it runs at the right temperature based on the heat of the day. If you stay away from your home most of the time, let’s say for a job, then ensure that the AC starts cooling your home an hour before you return. If you are using a smart AC, run by an app, then operating it remotely won’t be a difficult job for you. 

If you are using an old model that can’t be operated remotely, you can set your cooling schedule in the thermostat according to your work schedule. In this way, you will be able to improve your level of comfort when you get home. Meanwhile, you also have to ensure that the thermostat of your AC isn’t taking heat from the nearby devices. All the air conditioning service providers recommend their clients to keep their thermostats away from the TV set, refrigerator, lamps, or any other heat-producing appliances.

If the thermostat senses extra heat, then it will keep the air conditioner running longer than necessary. This will cause a higher electricity bill. However, when you keep the AC’s sensors away from the heat-producing devices, it senses less heat, consumes less energy, and keeps the AC running for less time. This way, you will be able to save on the electric bill. 

  1. Check Your Filters and Replace If Needed

You need to check the air filter at least once every month. If you find that the filters have been clogged up due to debris and dust, consider cleaning it first. It will help you to restore the airflow. If you think that there is too much mess to clean, then consider replacing it. If you don’t replace the filter at the right time, then it might malfunction. 

  1. Weatherize 

You need to take some weatherization steps to keep cold air inside of the home. When you weatherize your house correctly, you prevent air loss, thus keeping your space temperate. So, when you are getting air conditioning repair services, you may need to insulate the air conditioning ducts and seal air leaks through weather-stripping and caulking. This way, you won’t cool the whole neighborhood while keeping your room temperature at a comfortable level and reducing energy consumption. 

By following these five air conditioning tips during summer, you will be able to ensure that your AC unit is working correctly and keep your electric bill low. If you’re interested in any of our technicians giving your AC unit a once over, contact us and we’ll get you set up with an appointment!