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Top 5 Air Conditioning Repair and Servicing Tips

HVAC technician providing air conditioning services to an existing unit.

 Air Conditioning and Repair Services During summer, when temperatures start busting, and unbearable humidity makes you feel exhausted, air conditioning is a must. Meanwhile, it is essential to understand that during summer, air conditioners (AC) work hard to keep you cool and comfortable. While it works hard to keep you cool, the unit might incur […]

The Importance of HVAC Equipment to Your Health

Dirty air duct in an HVAC system.

Central HVAC System According to statistics, the average person spends the majority of their life under a roof, which is about 90%. This figure is high, and this isn’t good news. One thing you have to know about staying at home: the air you breathe isn’t always better than that of the outside. In fact, […]

Residential HVAC Systems Facts

Residential HVAC unit

Residential HVAC Systems Do you know as much as you think you do about the HVAC system in your home? While you know your residential HVAC system has the job of keeping you comfortable while inside your home, what else is there? If the answer you have is “not much,” now is the time to […]

Common HVAC Problems in Winter

HVAC system

Common HVAC System Problems in Winter When the temperatures begin to fall outside, most people turn to their HVAC Lexington, KY, to remain warm and comfortable. Most people expect to turn on the system and that everything will work properly. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. The fact is the heating, and air conditioning unit […]