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According to statistics, the average person spends the majority of their life under a roof, which is about 90%. This figure is high, and this isn’t good news.

One thing you have to know about staying at home: the air you breathe isn’t always better than that of the outside. In fact, air pollution indoors is included in the top four environmental hazards in the US, according to a report written by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This means that the air inside your homes or other closed spaces like business establishments and offices has a higher concentration of pollutants compared to outdoor air. Sometimes, it’s the quality of air inside your house that could get you sick.

Nothing beats going out for some fresh air, walking it out, or taking it to a run. Yet, we want to be able to rest well in a comfortable bed with just the right amount of heat for colder climates, and a well-adjusted cool for summer days.

There are a few things that you could do to ensure that you’re not getting sick from the air that you are regularly breathing — make sure that you have an HVAC system devised to keep the air inside at an optimum condition. If you started sneezing upon coming inside your apartment or your office, then this could be an effect of having poorly maintained HVAC equipment.

HVAC systems are designed to regulate the temperature of buildings and other closed areas in terms of heating and cooling, but commercial HVAC systems are more complicated than residential ones. Commercial HVAC is intended to be more powerful and more efficient, catering to the needs of larger spaces, and hence, comes in bigger sizes than those for residential use. If you’re running a business, make sure that your commercial HVAC equipment is installed by experts so that you can be assured that the indoor air quality isn’t doing damage to your health during this period.

If you have an existing HVAC in your home or business, which is most likely the case, see to it that it is in good working condition and is maintained properly. Have your air conditioning unit checked for damages. If your unit isn’t in perfect shape, call the nearest air conditioning repair service to have it fixed as soon as possible. A broken air conditioning unit can cause diseases such as frequent colds, headaches, and even fatigue.

Whatever happens, even if your HVAC is working perfectly well, have it inspected and cleaned once a year. This is to deter it from failing and getting damaged, which could incur expensive costs. Prevention is better than cure.

Furthermore, you can also consider other products that could help improve indoor air quality such as UV antibacterial lamps that kill bacteria and mildew, in-duct air purifiers for dust and pollen removal, and humidifiers that alter the moisture levels in your house or space. The more you indoors, the better it is to start thinking of investing in these things. You can never be too careful when it comes to your health.

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